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The CHD 3850 is designed for medium and large retailers; it provides accuracy and speed, and it is easy to use.

It is possible to configure arrangement of the keys of the cash register. Thanks to the latest thermal printer generation, the receipts are of high quality and their printing speed is up to 100 mm / s. A graphical display provides reading of all necessary information in any possible room lighting. It is possible to speed up customer service by connecting a bar code scanner. Electronic control tape provides modern data processing.

  • Cashier sign-in with a password
  • Registration of PLUs and departments:
  • Positive/negative
  • Multiple
  • Three price groups
  • Registration of a single item
  • PLU control:
  • Pricing
  • Price on display
  • Registration in a group
  • Registration of amount and weight
  • Registration of payment methods, currency settlements, split payments
  • Discount and surcharge control
  • Automatic discount system
  • Error correction, cancellation, refund
  • Cash inserting and removing
  • Cash drawer opening
  • Text comment on receipt

  • Departments
  • Articles (PLUs)
  • Article groups
  • Payment methods
  • Discounts and surcharges
  • ECR equipment number
  • ECR system settings
  • Foreign currencies
  • Printer settings

  • Configurable keyboard layout
  • Barcode format installation
  • Macro function setting
  • A reminder about the time of maintenance on display and in report

  • Financial, departments, articles (PLUs), cashiers, customers, hours, cash in drawer Technical specification
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Kases aparāta noma
Number of PLU groups 4,900
Number of chapters 99
Number of taxes 6
Number of payment methods 99
Number of currencies 99
Cashiers, users 99
Graphical logo Available
Electronic journal Available
Dimensions 320 (W) x 400 (L) x 160 (H)
Weight 3.4 kg
Operating temperature 0° C to + 45ºC
Relative humidity 10 % – 90 %
Keyboard Basic
Number of keys 68
Customer display LED, 1 × 9-digit
Cashier display Graphic LCD, 240 x 128 px, illuminated, green
Communication ports Two RS232, two SD card slots
Printer Thermal
Printer life cycle 50 km
Printing speed 100 mm / s
Receipt paper width 57 mm x 45 m
Receipt paper roll replacement Easy to replace
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